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Customer Timing

Feel free to call Fixquick Team anytime from 8:00am to 9:00pm of everyday, and we will be there at your given time, we are very serious about timings and try to not waste a single minute of your precious time.

Service Warranty

Our all services Washing Machine, Refrigerator, Dishwasher, Cold Storage and Air Conditioner are subjected to 90 days warranty, if any service goes wrong before 90 days will be subjected to free of service to the customer.

Fast & Convenient

Reach us quickly with enquiry form, call and Whatsapp, we will be present at you location on given time. We are committed to deliver fast repairing service in Dubai that you will see in our every interaction.



Appliance Repair Company in Dubai

What We Offer!

If you are looking for best and honest appliances repairing company in Dubai?

Then you are in the right place. please just fill our form or just give us a call. We reach you within 30 minutes.

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Washing Machine Repairing

Washing Machine is essential in the modern family’s household. The most common issues you might experience include leaks and loss of agitation.

Fridge Repair Dubai

Whether your fridge is on the fritz or just need a little checkup, we can handle repairs and maintenance of your Refrigerator

Air conditioner Repairing

If the Air Conditioner fails your home can quickly become unbearable. So we know that if you call us with AC issues, you need a fast and reliable service that you can trust.

Dishwasher Repairing

Whether your Dishwasher is on the fritz or just need a little checkup, we can handle repairs and maintenance of your Dishwasher

Professional, Friendly Customer Service

Professional and honest customer service is always a must! With our appliance repairing services we guarantee and we promise to always do our best to get the job done with efficiency and we also offer a 3-month warranty on the same fault.

FixQuick – Repairing Company

FixQuick Appliance Repair is best in-home appliances repair services in Dubai. We bring to life the malfunctioned home appliance. We have expertise in troubleshooting home appliances by all manufacturers. You can fully rely on our repairing services for the durability and after-service life of your appliances.

FixQuick Appliances Repairs Company is a leading home appliances maintenance company in Dubai. Our circle of operations is very wide in Dubai. We provide repair services for all sorts of home appliances.

FixQuick Appliances Repairing Company is one of the leading house maintenance companies in Dubai. FixQuick is best at dishwasher repairs, oven repairs, washing machines repairs, AC repairs. FixQuick Appliances Repairing Company has the experience of over 10years in the field of providing maintenance and repair services in Dubai of home appliances at your doorsteps.